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Improla was concieved because: "Everybody else is doing it. So why can't I?"

Initially, I started developing Improla as a single package providing a GUI frame-work, using wxWidgets 2.4.2. I was new to programming then and could not think beyond that. But, as I got more and more into it, I realised that things should be put in a much neater and organised way. Even now I do not guarantee that the programming/coding styles adhere to any standard. Neither am I interested in picking up the right standards. I did all this as part of my research work and make the code available in the hope that it will be usefull to others. The algorithms were implemented merely to know how they work. The have not been optimised with respect to a particular hardware or platform. They have been implemented in very simple C++.

Improla, now consists of three packages: ImprolaLib, ImprolaViewer(no release as yet) and wxImprola(no release as yet). ImprolaLib is a collection of image processing algorithms and utilities. wxImprola is a GUI frame work for ImprolaLib built using wxWidgets library. ImprolaViewer is a stand alone application developed using ImprolaLib and wxImprola.

The philosophy of making yet another image processing utilities library is this: To provide a uniform interface/frame-work for all image processing algorithms. With this, building GUI frame-works would be much simple and would not require 're-inventing the wheel' for each and every algorithm. With this in mind, I started my work on ImprolaLib, which would be an image-processing library providing common interface and frame-work for all image processing algorithms. Using this common interface, providing a GUI frame-work will be wxImprola. Using these libraries will be an application, ImprolaViewer which performs all image-processing tasks. Logo
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