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ImprolaLib-0.0.2 is the latest Improla release. Go to the sourceforge project page to download it. Visit the documentation section for the associated documentation. This release has an almost complete doxygen generated reference guide. Go to the news section to see the other releases. ImprolaLib-0.0.2 has the most common image processing algorithms implemented. With this release ImprolaLib will support reading and writing PNG images. It makes use of the PNGwriter library for this purpose.

What is Improla?

Improla == Image Processing Lab

Improla consists of three packages: ImprolaLib, ImprolaViewer and wxImprola. ImprolaLib is a collection of image processing algorithms and utilities. wxImprola is a GUI frame work for ImprolaLib built using the wxWidgets library. ImprolaViewer is a stand alone application developed using ImprolaLib and wxImprola.

Starting from release 0.0.2, ImprolaLib supports reading and writing of PNG images. This is done using the PNGwriter library. ImprolaLib also uses TNT library for matrix manipulation. Both, TNT and PNGwriter are distributed as part of ImprolaLib source and do not require separate installation.

Visit the sourceforge project page to download the latest releases of the packages. Find installation instructions, user-guides and API reference manuals at the documentations section. Information on the latest package releases can be found at the news section.

The following convention shall be followed for package releases. Lets say a package has been released by version number s.b.a. Then it means that it is an alpha version 'a' of the beta version 'b+1' of the stable release 's+1'. Logo
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